An instrumented pressure-temperature flowable sensor ball for deployment with the TELEO system.


TELEO is a retrievable, downhole measurement system for reservoir and well parameter measurement, a cost-effective alternative to production logging. TELEO-PT is an instrumented pressure-temperature flowable sensor ball for deployment with the TELEO system.
Teleo P-T 3 balls black background
TELEO-PT consists in a high-strength, light-weight sphere housing electronics, P-T sensors, and a battery. It is buoyant in water and weighed down with a dissolvable sinker, either encased or attached to it. The system can be pumped into a well to a stated depth for a specific time, after which the outer shell dissolves or the sinker weight falls off, releasing the P-T flowable sensor ball to flow back to surface. Upon retrieval at surface the recorded data can be downloaded and analyzed.
TELEO-PT can be effectively used to acquire data during hydraulic fracturing operations at multiple zones of interest, for example, housed inside a dissolvable frac ball. It takes P-T measurements closer to the frac point, thus allowing more accurate modelling. It is far simpler to deploy with less intervention risks and costs, compared to logging-tools, fiber optic and semi-permanent gauges.


* Time and costs savings – uninterrupted operations during fracking
* Economical well measurements – compared to production logging or semi-permanent completions
* Downhole pressure & temperature during fracking – housed inside a dissolvable frac ball
* Deployed with minimal hardware – simple to deploy
* Reduced intervention risk – low-cost disposable
* HSE & Logistics advantages – minimal personnel to deploy and short notice to mobilize


* High-strength, light-weight sensor shell packages sensors, electronics, and battery and still allows it to withstand hydrostatic pressure and be buoyant
* Records pressure-temperature downhole for ten days (or more)
* Programmable data recording frequency
* Various available sizes deploy quickly in a well
* Electronics qualified in shock and vibration
* Sinker dissolution independent of well chloride content
* Our alloys are Designed and Manufactured in the USA