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A Fully Dissolvable Premium Plug At Affordable Pricing.


PATRIOT, (Premium Affordable Time Reducing & Intelligent Oilfield Technology), a fully dissolvable premium plug is introduced to reduce the cost of lifting a barrel of shale-oil helping operators to sustain production for US multi-stage stimulation (MSS) and hydraulic fracturing market.
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PATRIOT is developed from an anion insensitive, predictably dissolvable, partially vitrified metal matrix composite, a matrix that is neither “Aluminum” nor “Magnesium”. The lightweight, high strength, engineered dissolvable materials allow the plug to have a larger flow bore and higher pressure ratings. It also requires less planning and inventory because of the salinity independent behavior.
This novel short plug (around 5.5-inch Run in Hole and 4.5-inch in set position) will allow the MSS industry to practically eliminate coil tubing mill out, other than a preferred clean out run, if at all. This will reduce a 3 to 5 days rig time and coil on location / operations savings to operators.


* Salinity Independent Dissolution – Industry first and only solution
* Best-in-Class Strength – Pressure differential as claimed, unlike competitors
* Thermal Stability – Our materials maintain 95% of their strength up to 350°F
* Non-toxic, No debris – Dissolves leaving behind micron-sized residue
* Engineered to Order – Short turnaround with customized ROC


* Alloy matrix is neither Magnesium nor Aluminum
* No failure-prone coatings
* Unique metallurgy that is 80% stronger than magnesium degradables
* Holds more pressure with less contact area, even in large bore configurations
* ROC independent of Cl content – use water from any pit or recycle mix for predictable performance
* Fluid compatibility – Brine, Freshwater, Acid
* When used with lightweight ball, minimizes water hammer and damage to ball seat
* Our alloys are Designed and Manufactured in the USA